5 Best Beachfront Buys

Agosto 24 de 2021

Fifteen years ago, Santa Marta was a work in progress, rough around the edges in some areas and downright seedy in others.

Today’s Santa Marta is a different story. Its downtown has undergone a restoration effort that has revived its Spanish-colonial parks, churches, and homes to their former glory. New elements have been introduced, as well, and the city now boasts an attractive seafront park, excellent seafood restaurants, cafés, boutique hotels, and even a cruise-ship port. These upgrades have attracted interest from around the world, and tasteful condo projects have sprouted up all along this coast, offering an impressive diversity of beach living options.

Festive and friendly El Rodadero, with its longer, wider, better-kept beaches and small-town feel, is the most popular location among expats. Along El Rodadero’s beachfront is a boardwalk lined with palm trees where people come to walk, exercise, and take in the views. The energy picks up after sundown, and central Rodadero takes on a party feel, with live music and people of all ages out to socialize.

In 2020, property prices increased by 23% in dollar terms. Continued appreciation is expected. Meantime, you can buy a two-bedroom seafront condo in a new building for about $175,000 at the current rate of exchange between the dollar and the Colombian peso.


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